In the Name of Faith

An in-depth look into the brutal incidents in which Muslims attacked Christians (minority) in different areas of Punjab. Also what does Islam says about Blasphemy and how Pakistani blasphemy laws dealt with the attackers and the victims.

So Hai Wo Bhi Aadmi

This Documentary takes a look into the lives of unsung heroes of our Society. Famous as “Churaas”, the Sewerman plays a pivotal role to keep the flow smooth of our sewerage but in response, they get a humiliating response. Documentary also narrates that what our religion Islam says about the cleanliness and what Islam says regarding the behaviour of Muslims with the Minorities.

Kalash - beautiful people





Kalash is a valley in the district of Chitral where beautiful people of Kalaasha tribe living since centuries. This documentaries not only shows the beauty of the valley but also narrates the story of their customs and traditions. Kalaash annual function of Chilam Joshi celebrated in the month of May to well come the spring.

A story of Pak-Turk Friendship


An in-depth look into the commonalities between Pakistan and Turkish culture in the context of Allama Iqbal and Jalal-ud-Din Rumi’s poetry. Documentary also covers the joint ventures of Turkish Government with the Government of Punjab i.e. Lahore and Rawalpindi Metro Buses, Public Transport, etc


Mr 99


Tribute to one of the greatest Cricket Captain of Pakistan


Rekindling Hope

LABARD is operating for living with disabilities and struggling hard for survival. LABARD gives training and loans to start small businesses to become a successful Entrepreneur rather than depending on others



The Radiant Trails

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) helps the ultra poor and gives them small loans to start their own businesses. This Documentary highlights the lives of ultra poor who have taken small loans from PPAF and now they are running their own businesses.


When Hope Rekindles

A look into the lives of 2008 Earthquake victims. PPAF’s efforts for the rehabilitation of earthquake victims.



Jalapur Jattan is a small community in the of District Gujrat where more than a hundred people have tested positive for HIV/AIDS. The documentary aims to deal with its concerns in a story that will move from the particular to the general.