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At The Real Productions (TRP), we specialise in the production of locally and internationally relevant documentary making. Based in Lahore, Pakistan. TRP focuses on telling great stories of social, cultural and political importance in unique ways and in a variety of genres to make documentaries that resonate with audiences both domestically and abroad. Our mandate is to make superior quality documentaries that are commercially viable as well.

Established in 2011 by passionate and creative professionals from various media organisations in Pakistan, we bring you the best producers, copywriters, camerapersons and editors to ensure the highest quality productions from a team of experienced individuals.

Our business caters to making documentaries for both the government and non-government organisations. This includes the production of promotional and corporate documentaries meant for different sectors. This is besides our niche as a diverse, full-service and specialist production house that deals in all services for a variety of genres of documentary making from pre to post-production.

Currently we deliver premier production services to our local and global clientele for documentaries, news coverage, television commercials, documentaries, corporate videos and other prestigious show business and infotainment projects. Furthermore, our services wing facilitates producers and filmmakers with location services and scouts, camera crews and equipment rentals besides complete with a package of post-production and high-end VFX services.